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Control of Birds and Wildlife

Bird Flying Behind Netting

There are some places of business, such as pharmaceutical facilities, health care facilities, and food processing plants, that simply cannot tolerate any pest entry. If you are having problems with birds or other wildlife entering your home or business, call Regional Pest Management today!

Bird Control

Regional Pest Management is licensed in Maryland, Delaware and Virginia to perform bird control. We will inspect your home or business for roosting areas and nest sites that the birds are using. We will then develop a strategy to exclude the birds from the structure.

The materials we use are non-corrosive, including plastic or stainless steel spikes or bird netting. We install them on the structure in places where they are normally not noticeable from the ground. Regional Pest Management warrants all materials and workmanship for two years from the installation date.

Other Vertebrate Wildlife Control

Raccoons on a Porch Railing

When wildlife enters your home or business, your Regional Pest Management specialist will identify the entry point and install a one-way barrier on the opening. This will allow the animal to leave the structure to forage for food, but prevent it from re-entering when it comes back. We will return after three days to remove the one-way door and seal the entry point with non-corrosive material.

Our wildlife procedures are the most humane and won't hurt the animal in question. If you're using a trapping program, you may be required by state law to put down certain animals, and even if the animal is allowed to be relocated its chance of survival is only 40%. As you can see, our procedures protect you and the wildlife.

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Maryland Department of Agriculture License No. 27085
Delaware Department of Agriculture License No. 1099
Virginia Department of Agriculture License No. 7176

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