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Termite Control — Using Termidor HP®

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More Precision. Less Disruption. No Compromise

The Termidor HP® High Precision Injection System is a revolutionary termite treatment that's applied using an accurate and powerful termiticide delivery system to protect your structure. Compared to traditional application practices, this new application technology creates a more uniform treatment zone with minimal disruption to your landscaping due to trenching and rodding.

How It Works:

  • With each application, Termidor HP High Precision Termiticide is injected around your structure, giving you a uniform treatment zone.
  • To ensure accuracy and consistency, the injection system is equipped with an advanced digital onboard computer that prevents the over or under usage of termiticide by providing treatment readings within a tenth of an ounce.
  • No trenching, rodding, or disruption to your landscape.
  • Provides a more unfirom treatment zone for your structure, and more confidence for you.
  • Advanced application technology cuts water usage by as much as 75%
  • The Termidor HP High Precision Injection System takes measures to make sure product is mixed at the exact label rate. The success of your treatment is no longer reliant on the mixing accuracy of the operator. Instead, the Termidor HP Application Unit mixes the termiticide and water onboard, providing an exact, finished dilution concentration for the treatment of your structure.

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